Countable Assistance

As regards accountancy, audit-finance and externalisation of pay, our traditional missions are :

  • Bookkeeping and monitoring of your accountancy.
  • Establishment of the intermediate situations/interim statements.
  • Establishment, analyses and annual settlements of accounts according to the profession norme.
  • Establishment Sand control of the tax and social declarations
  • Setting of a cost accounting in order to better analyze your results and your costs.

Our philosophy and our objectives:

  • To bring a fast response to your requests.
  • To respect the completion dates of the services.
  • To help you to interpret your results in a teaching way.
  • To defend your financial interests.
  • To place at your disposal an interlocutor qualified and available.

You benefit from the experience of our men in order to:

Optimize your taxation

  • To be insured to find the optimal solution with regard to taxation.
  • To guarantee the best choices as far as taxation is concerned.

Better negotiate with your partners

The negotiation with your banker for instance on the credit authorizations, the credit rates, the commissions and the banking services can only be considered so certain preconditions are studied. We help you to determine the priority points to approach with interlocutors and to prepare you a complete file to support your negotiations.

Better manager your social affairs

You wish:

  • Concrete assistance and an answer on your obligations and your questions in social law.
  • To establish pay slips of your employees and to fill your social security declarations.
  • The drafting of your contracts of employment and the obligatory registers for your company.
  • The current management of your contracts of employment (e.g.overtime, premiums, paid-leaves, dismissal…).

Our qualified staff allows us to ensure a service of proximity and qualityto our customers.